Susan Anton, LMT

Relaxation Encourages Inner Healing



Massage is no longer considered a luxury expense and has become more of a necessity in today’s busy world. It can help to alleviate problem conditions such as tension headaches, muscular pain, poor circulation, stress and/or anxiety. Massage will also support your fitness program by relieving tired and sore muscles, improving flexibility, and speeding the recovery from strenuous physical exertion.

Massage improves the energy flow throughout your body, and also improves blood and lymph circulation which promotes healthy vibrant skin.  It relieves the effects of stress in our lives by triggering the Relaxation Response. This leads to relaxing tense muscles, reducing anxiety levels, balancing blocked energy flows, restoring a calm mind and feeling of well being.

Massage can be used in temporary or long term situations.  For example, mothers-to-be during pregnancy, infants, the disabled or the elderly.  It is a secondary treatment when used to compliment other health care such as physical or occupational therapy, chiropractic, and psychotherapy.


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